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Podcast Intro/Outro Music - Martin Solveig - Do It Right ft. Tkay Maidza

Favorite Podcasts:

Tower 26 - Be Race Ready (Gerry Rodrigues & Jim Lubinski) - Gerry was my interview guest on episode 2 where we talked about open water swimming and training. Gerry has an excellent podcast worth subscribing to as well as a workout subscription service for triathletes. Check out some of the sample practices HERE

Primal Endurance Podcast (Brad Kearns) - Brad will be a guest soon on an upcoming episode but don't wait until then to start listening to his show. Coach Collins is featured on episode #86 of their podcast.

Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast - Trainer Road - (Jonathan Lee) Trainer Road offers an app and subscription with bike trainer workouts with specific plans for any type of bike racing or triathlon distance. Their podcast discusses so many cycling topics and drops important tips so you won't make as many training, racing, and nutrition mistakes.

Endurance Nation (Rich Strauss & Patrick McCrann) - Rich and Patrick have put together over 50 outstanding training programs for endurance athletes to follow from out season, to sprint distance, to IRONMAN distance with outstanding details, resources, access to sponsor discounts and more. Their members have won the large team division of IRONMAN club scoring for 4 years straight. They also do regular EN Podcasts and interviews with athletes who have had recent success at various races around the world.  Coach Collins is featured on episode #621 of their podcast where he talks about his training and race at IRONMAN AZ 2016.

Favorite Websites: (Glenn Mills) - If you would really like to improve your swimming technique then you need to know what good swimming technique looks like. has the best collection of world class swimmers doing all the strokes above and below the surface, at race pace and in slow motion and with detailed commentary of what they think about when they swim.

Additionally, there are many drills and focus points for swimmers of all ages to watch and practice on their own to improve.

 To improve quickly I feel you need to know what CORRECT technique looks like, and see what YOU actually do (by getting videoed by me) and be able to compare these to see where you can improve. is the site I use when teaching athletes during lessons and also to send out content for athletes to watch or drills to follow.

Please use this DIRECT LINK below to sign-up either for the monthly option ($9.99) or $99/yr.
Once you have a subscription I can add you to my Triathlon Freestyle Channel where I send out weekly videos for you to watch and learn from, and you can watch any other videos you want from the EXTENSIVE library.
I think this can be a key way for you to reach your own “Personal Excellence” in swimming.

Ritter Sports Performance (Chris Ritter) - Chris was a featured guest in episode #4 where we talked about the importance of getting stronger. Subscribing to his strength training program (which is app based so its easy to take to the gym or wherever you do your strength training) will help you get outstanding results.

Favorite Equipment:

FINIS Swimming Equipment (John Mix CEO)
Rudy Project Cycling Helmets & Sunglasses
XTERRA Wetsuits & Boards (Glynn T)




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Recent Podcasts

Episode 6 – Matt McElroy USA ITU Pro Triathlete – Do It Right, Faster, Stronger, Longer

By Michael Collins | 05/16/2017

In E6 I interview USA pro triathlete Matt McElroy about how he got into triathlons and his progress in the sport on the ITU scene. Info on Matt McElroy Website: FB: Twitter: @mcelroystudio Instagram: @mat_mac Thanks to Tommy Zaferas for the photos of Matt. Check out his great photos of all the ITU pros on Facebook…

Episode 5 – Triathlon Running 101 – Do It Right, Faster, Stronger, Longer

By Michael Collins | 04/12/2017

Triathlon Running 101 Show Notes Learn the basic concepts to run faster and more efficient off the bike from triathlon coach Michael Collins. Check out these additional resources: Pose Method Running Bobby McGee Running

Episode 4 – Chris Ritter – Ritter Sports Performance – Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

By Michael Collins | 03/21/2017

E04 – Chris Ritter – Ritter Sports Performance – Strength Training for Endurance Athletes Michael Collins interviews Chris Ritter from Ritter Sports Performance on strength training concepts and discuss good principles of strength training for endurance athletes. What are the biggest mistakes endurance athletes make in their strength training? Ritter Sports Performance Website – Facebook…

Episode 3 – Triathlon Cycling 101 – Do It Right, Faster, Stronger, Longer

By Michael Collins | 03/06/2017

DoItRFSL E03 – Triathlon Cycling 101 Coach Michael Collins breaks down Cycling for Triathletes into the 4 areas and defines doing it RIGHT, FASTER, how to GET STRONGER, and finally going LONGER. This is an overview with more specific details in each area to come in future episodes.

Episode 2 – Gerry Rodrigues – Tower 26 – Do It Right, Faster, Stronger, Longer

By Michael Collins | 02/03/2017

  Episode 2 features and interview with with Gerry Rodrigues – Tower 26 Coach, and Be Race Ready Podcast Host. Host Michael Collins and Gerry discuss various details of open water training and racing and lessons they learned from the 100’s of races they’ve competed in. They discuss the details of a challenging set they use…

Episode 1 – Intro to Do It Right, Do it Faster, Get Stronger and Do it Longer

By Michael Collins | 01/17/2017

Listen to this podcast to gain insight on how you can improve your swimming, cycling, running, or triathlon performance by doing it RIGHT, doing it FASTER, getting STRONGER, and doing it LONGER. Coach Michael Collins will share tips on TECHNIQUE, TRAINING, & RACING, as well as interview industry experts who will share their knowledge and…