IRONMAN 3 Day Race Rehearsal Camp – Sept 22-24, 2017 – SlowTwitch Ranch, Valyermo, CA

With Coaches Michael Collins & Sherry Rennard

Who should attend:

Best for athletes attending IRONMAN KONA, ARIZONA, or other late season race. Also great for athletes wanting to get a head start on what they need to know for a 2018 race.

All ability levels welcome. Most of the routes will be on loop or out and back courses, so you can decide how much volume you need or can handle. Even high level athlete will learn new concepts to improve their racing which could possibly help they reach new personal best performances.


Dates: Sept 22-24, 2017
Location: Slowtwitch Ranch (Xantusia) (Valyermo, CA (Near Palmdale)
Drive time is about 2 hrs. from O.C.


$150/day. ($125 for Team Elite or MSOC Athletes)
Includes housing and food!


Friday – 1:30 Swim+ 2-4 hr Bike
Saturday – 1 hr Run+6 hr Bike+:30-1 hr Run
Sunday – 1-2 hr Bike + 2 hr Run


Training in the morning-mid-Afternoon
Lunch & Break
Late Afternoon & Evening – Technical skills work & Presentations/Discussions/Race Scripting
Group Dinner & Socializing

Topics include:

Open Water Swimming and technique instruction.

Swim pacing and strategy based on YOUR skill level.

Bike Training and Pacing

Bike Set-up

Cycling skills work including:

climbing, descending, cornering, shifting, riding in wind, cadence, and watt selection

Transitions – Be FAST, EFICIENT, and have a DETAILED PLAN

Best Equipment suggestions for an IM

Detailed Race Planning (Race Scripting)

Coaches will help YOU develop a SPECIFIC plan for your race.

Race Day and Race Week Nutrition Plan including:

Calories per hr, hydration plan, supplements, dealing with issues

Running Economy and pacing plan

Recovery techniques during high volume training

Bike Maintenance & Tire Changing skills

Q & A Sessions – Ask the questions YOU need to know and get DETAILED answers.